Saxon army in the War of Polish Succession 1733-35.

by Vlad Gromoboy.

[Above are arms of Saxony, Poland & Lithuania from infantry company color]

By this moment I have detailed info for period 1733-34 and nothing about Saxons in the end 1734 - 1735. Saxon army during WPS took part in actions only in Poland, it fought for control over this country against Leshinski's supporters & by end of June 1734 the war in Poland had finished, so I can say, that I have a complete info for Saxons in the War of Polish Succession.

I would like to thank kindly Alexander Zamira (Russia) & Dan Schorr (USA) for the help in preparation of this materials.

Table of Contents:

General information.

Part I. Regimental histories.

Part II. Organisation.

Part III. Uniforms.

Part IV. Illustrations.

Part V. Colors and standards.

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General information.

By the autumn 1733 Saxon army included 5 Guard troops, 12 infantry regiments, 8 cuirassier regiments, 4 dragoon regiments & several Frei-corps of different strength.

Guard (5)

Infantry (12)

Cuirassiers (8)

Dragoons (4)


* - Chevaliergarde, an elite ceremonial troop raised from Saxon nobles, was disbanded in 1733 shortly after the death of August the Strong.

** - Schweizer Garde (Swiss Guard) was a palace guard unit.

Saxon army also included Prunkkurassier. I don't have detailed info for this unit. After illustrations from Muller's book they look like Polish Hussars on Saxon service. They dressed in Saxon cavalry uniform & equipped with Polish Hussar armor. Muller gives no details for this unit, except the note, that they took part in summer manoeuvres.

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