by Vladimir "Gromoboy"

This site reflects my interest in Russian Military History during the reign of Empress Anna (14.01.1730 - 17.10.1740). During her government Russian army took part in 3 wars: War of Polish Succession 1733-35, War with Turkey 1736-39 & War with Sweden 1741-43. The last war began after Anna's death & could be related to her reign with some reserve, but its roots were in the previous government.

The reign of Empress Anna is one of the less known periods in the Russian history, & I would like to show a development of the Russian military forces under successors of the Peter the Great. This is my first attempt in web-building & the most of the site is still under construction.


  Organizational & Development Overview of the Imperial Russian Army in 1731-41.

  Russian Infantry in 1730-41. Organization, uniforms, flags.

  Russian Dragoons in 1730-41. Organization, uniforms, flags.

   Cuirrassier regiments in 1730-41. Organization, uniforms, flags.

  Russian Artillery in 1730-41. Organization, uniforms, flags.

  Landmilitia forces in 1730-41

The War of Polish Succession 1733-35. Polish campaign 1733-34. Siege of Danzig & defeat of French Expedition Corps.

Saxon army in the War of Polish Succession.

The War with Turkey 1736-39.

The War with Sweden 1741-43.

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Last update: 14 January 2001. Saxon army in WPS added.

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